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html picture tag with id

link to picture include This will just return a piece of HTML with a picture tag and sources, which may be included server side.

html picture tag with urn

It's also possible to just include the URN in the URL, so no need for parsing it client side.

link to picture include

image:picture tag

For java users there is also a 'taglib' in image-domain.jar

This could look like this in JSP:

       style="width: 80%; margin-left: 10%"
       img.title="Override of the title"
       data-test="some random data""more random data"

In FTL this may look like so

[#assign images = JspTaglibs[""]]
[@images.picture image=model.imageMetata data-test="bla bla" /]

Which could result in:

thumbnail RCRSA1_0226447555758

include of picture endpoint

The beforementioned 'picture'-endpoints could be used in a server side include. We demonstrate in JSP again:

<jsp:include page="${id}/${stylePath2}"/>
thumbnail RCRSA1_0226447555758